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- Mac OSX, and PC
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe Acrobat
- Quark
- Adobe ImageReady
- Adobe Flash
- Final Cut Pro
- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft PowerPoint
- GarageBand
- Photography (Digital & Film)
- Adobe Bridge
- Aperture
- Adobe Lightroom
- Belcho USA - Creative Director
May 2013 - Present
Responsible for all photography, print, web, and design work.

- Apple - Family Room Specialist
October 2010 - Present
Acted as a mobile technician fixing apple devices and trained customers on products.

- Chris Elder Photography & Design
April 2009 - Present
Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer on a freelancing bases.

- SJ News Company - Graphic Designer
July 2009 - July 2010
Graphically designed Ads/Web Ads for the local papers and paginated the local paper.

Rutgers University
Bachelors in Fine Art: Graphic Design
Bachelors in Fine Art: Photography
Artist Statement
I have been inspired by art to create and in return I create art to inspire. I would classify myself in a way that I try to standout from the norm of everyday life and to break boundaries by using photography, graphics, and illustrations to fully stimulate the viewers eye. To achieve what I set out for, I use the whole array of adobe programs along with digital cameras and camcorders.

I make my artwork to show the world how differently I see it from everyone else. By giving my perspective through my artwork, I can hope to show my outlook of this world not by words but by unity, line, color, and texture. Every piece of art I create is different in that parts of my life and personality are shown in each one.